STPD18 - participants

STPD18 - participants

You are selected by DSACEUR to participate in the Exercise Steadfast Pyramid 2018 (STPD18) at the Latvian National Defence Academy (LNDA) in Riga from 09 to 14 September 2018. As part of the Senior Leader Program, the exercises provide an academic environment for selected senior staff officers. The aim of the exercise is to further develop the abilities of commanders and senior staff to lead the planning and conduct of operations through the use of the decision making process as contained in the ACO COPD. The consideration and application of the commanders and senior staff’s experience, knowledge and intuition, the “Operational Art”, in helping to shape the plan and direct the HQ and planning staff at specific times in the operations planning process will be developed.


The detailed administrative instructions and program are in the EXPLAN (see attachment), however you will receive an additional e-mail from the Admin and Support team with some more specific Real Life Support (RLS) related information.


You will also notice that there is a read ahead package and I kindly request you to take the appropriate time to get acquainted with the content.
There will be no time to prepare for the exercise after arrival in Riga as the first briefer is already scheduled on Sunday evening.


For the travel planning please note that an icebreaker is scheduled for Sunday evening, 09 September 2018 and the exercise will include the entire  Friday morning 14 September 2018.

Therefore you are not able to schedule the return flight before 13.30 local time.


You are kindly requested to provide the following products NLT 31 AUG 2018:
- Photo (JPEG) – for access pass to LNDA

- Biography (word) – for Bio Map

- Security Clearance – NATO / National Secret