NMI PDT 20-1 will be conducted online, without individual presence at the JFTC in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Please see the message below:

Online execution of NMI PDT 20-1 (05-10 May 2020),
Reference: JFCNP/J7/TREXMN/19-02359 NMI PDT 20-1 from 5 to 14 May 20 -
Invitation to Troop Contributing Nations – as of 11 November 2019

As per reference, JFCNP requested deploying personnel to NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) ROTO 3 to attend the NMI Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) 20-1 from 5-14 May 2020 at the NATO Joint Force Training Center (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Within the last weeks the current COVID-19 pandemic has forced several countries to implement heavy travel restrictions. Due to the unforeseeable duration of the current situation it is highly unlikely that the majority of the expected Training Audience will be able to travel to JFTC for the NMI PDT 20-1.
Therefore, as an exemption, and in close coordination with NMI HQ and JFTC, JFCNP has decided to conduct the NMI PDT 20-1 without physical presence at JFTC.

NMI PDT 20-1 will be conducted as a full online course. All participants will have to be present online (open internet) for a minimum of six working hours per day between 5 and 10 May 2020 at their working or home locations. The daily curriculum will consist of online lectures, individual work - through materials, Q&A sessions and collective chats with subject matter experts (SMEs). Due to the use of commercial and open communication systems the subject of the course will be restricted to unclassified content only. All classified information will be subject to the complementary in-theater training upon arrival at NMI. 

Given the time difference between Canada and New Zealand, a synchronized attendance at the same time would be extremely challenging. JFTC will distribute the course material in a 24-hour cycle and host multiple Chats and Q&A sessions, in order to facilitate individual working times for all participants. The JFTC team will monitor individual progress and provide individual support to the participants, if required. 

All TCN are kindly requested to ensure the registration of required personnel ROTO 3 as per reference, Annex B, on the JFTC web portal (https://events.jftc.nato.int) not later than 24 April 2020. Further instructions for participants will follow by JFTC on 27 April 2020.

POC JFCNP: LTC Marcus Nann, Tel : +39 081 721 5979|NCN : 433-5979|Unclassified email : marcusanton.nann@jfcnp.nato.int

POC JFTC: LTC Lars Zacharias, Tel : +48 0261 41 1531|NCN : 243-1531|Unclassified email : Lars.Zacharias@jftc.nato.int