As of 1 April, we will now only plan for a fully distributed CWIX event but we still require all participants to register via the registration portal. We recognise the difficulty that this decision places on some nations interoperability efforts. We are therefore working with JFTC to identify options for a few nations to use JFTC as a 3rd party CFBL POP during the CWIX period though much will depend on the COVID-19 situation in Poland in June.
This does not change the decision; nations at JFTC are likely to be allocated a national room (in building 5) for their capabilities; there will be no external tent, no FA rooms, no visitor or VIP days and minimal on-site admin or coordination support. The CWIX Management team expects to work remotely and you should also expect FA lead coordination and analysis support to be remote.
The CWIX Management Team is working with National Leads to achieve very quickly a shared awareness of the current situation regarding capabilities and national labs in order to maximize the amount of testing that can be accomplished through this year’s remote exercise.
**Please indicate during registration with a comment whether you intend to participate at JFTC if available and contact the JFTC RLS Coordinator**

This registration page is for participants who are testing Capability Configurations during the CWIX main execution phase. 
The Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination eXercise (CWIX) is an annual North Atlantic Council (NAC) approved  and NATO Military Committee directed Bi-SC event designed to continuously improve interoperability between Alliance and partner nations in order to achieve “day-zero” interoperability.
Allied Command Transformation (ACT) manages the annual CWIX cycle on behalf of the NAC, MC and C3B, while NATO, partner nations, NATO organisations and Non-NATO Entities (NNE) sponsor interoperability trials based on Interoperability Test Requirements (IOTR) between national deployable C3 Capabilities and IT Services and NATO Community of Interest services to support NATO led operations.
CWIX meets a broad spectrum of interoperability validation and verification requirements. The systems present at CWIX span the complete C3 Capabilities and IT Services spectrum, representing fielded, near-fielded, and experimental systems of the Alliance and partner nations. CWIX puts an emphasis on those systems that would be deployed with NATO-led operations, particularly those related to Federated Mission Networking (FMN), as a major component of the enhanced NATO Response Force (eNRF), Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), and Initial Follow on Forces Group (IFFG) roadmap to combat readiness. CWIX is a federated interoperability test event, the majority of test programs are run from the Joint Forces Training Centre (JFTC) with several Nations taking part from their home laboratories through the Combined Federated Battle Laboratory (CFBL) Network.

JFTC RLS Coordinator
Mrs. Roksana Musial-Dominiak
Tel:  +48 261 41 1488
NCN: 048-243 1488
Mobile: +48 723 682 341

ACT CWIX Administrator
LCDR Ian Kemp
Tel: +1 757-747-3771
Mobile: +1 (757) 641-4186
Please let me know the contact data of OF3 Kemp if he is the CWIX Administrator

Please note that arrival/departure transport will not be provided to/from Bydgoszcz.