Resolute Support Training Event (RS TE) 20-3 will be conducted on 20-24 July 2020 as an online Distributed Learning Package (DLP) due to COVID-19 restrictions. Online training is hosted on the NATO Joint Advanced Distance Learning (JADL) platform. All participants will work online (via open internet) for approximately six working hours per day during the five day training period from their work or home locations. 

The daily curriculum will consist of individual work-through materials, quizzes, discussion forums and real-time Question & Answer sessions with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The course will be restricted to UNCLASSIFIED content due to the use of commercial and open communication systems. 

Further information will be delivered via email to the participants once registration is approved.

All Participants will require a valid JADL account in order to complete the event registration form. You can create a new account at the JADL web portal (

New registrants are required to enter the code ‘RS@20-3PDT’ into the "Sponsor or Approval Information" field in the JADL registration form.