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This registration page is for Visitors that will be visiting CWIX during the Visitor Programme. 
The Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise (CWIX) is an a NAC endorsed, Military Committee directed and C3 Board guided Bi-SC annual programme designed to support the continuous improvement of interoperability for the Alliance. Allied Command Transformation (ACT) provides direction and management of the programme, while NATO and Partner Nations sponsor interoperability capabilities. As one of NATO’s primary venues for achieving and demonstrating interoperability, CWIX is a major contributor to the Smart Defence concept and the Connected Forces Initiative.
NATO and Nations can pool and share resources to achieve interoperability before deployment and collaborate on future initiatives, including Federated Mission Networking (FMN), Cyber Defence and CIS capability development.

JFTC RLS Coordinator
Mrs. Roksana Musial-Dominiak
Tel:  +48 261 41 1488
NCN: 048-243 1488
Mobile: +48 723 682 341

NATO CWIX Protocol & Administrator
CPO Donna Hughes
Tel:  + 1 757 747 4160

Please note that arrival/departure transport will not be provided to/from Bydgoszcz.
Shuttle buses will be arranged during the day – from hotels to the JFTC and back (please choose “local transport required” in the registration form if you are interested in local shuttle transport).